i think too much, but not enough

I’m not blind
If I could keep you for a lifetime, I surely would. but you’re not a toy I choose to keep, and by some unfortunate mistake, you are a person, and not my own. I’m not blind. I see. How someday you’ll just run from me. Cause that’s how you’re built. If not a bond you feel, it’ll be for the sake of change. Chaaaaaange! It just sounds sooo right.You’re not a dog I can choose to leash. You’ll run. You’ll need to be experienced, that’s how you’ll say. You don’t know just how it can taste, and how it’ll grow in you some monster that you feed – from the outside, in! Sure you’ll get better with experience, if better is another word for worse. We are, we are, we’re gettin’ better. At being cold and lost and lust. Ooooh! Luuust! You’ll be -in time- nothing like what you are now. Cause time hurts! It hurts the body, hurts the mind, and hurts the soul. Yeah baby, hurts your soul. You don’t always regenerate. And by the time I die, I’ll feel like never knowing you. What we don’t love, we just forget. What we have now, we never meet. And who we are, we lose. Somewhere between birth and death, we change and we forget to love back those who love us the most. When I first loved, Geeee! how that was. Hangin’ to the fella’ like he was mom. Or even air! And when you’ll go, I’ll never be this fool again. cause I’ll forget ’bout love and crap. And someone, someday will come to me, it’ll be his high time, and he’ll grab me. I’ll go along.What’s there to say? Life has this flow, the flow will get me. But nevermind, life is so silly.
Alike a pill to cure the illness inside me. Hey, now I’m fine. And after all, I have this monster inside -oh, yeah! me, too!- who lets go of things from time to time. Meanwhile, I’ll hang on to you. You are so much my cup of tea, I wouldn’t leave this party, but you can go, cause I’m the same as you. Afraid of people. And I’m gonna get good, too. At getting colder, lost and lust. Ooooh, what we will have lost.
Meanwhile, I sure do care a lot for you.

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virtual intellectual
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